Zombie nation in suits will make you wonder

No its not a new Horror movie! This is reality and this is human race. 

In this illusion of free will we all like to think that we own our posesions and that we are that “big boss” of our lifes. But the trut is far from this. Looking at human race you realise that somehow we becomed zombies of modern age. Insted of human brain , zombie virus that spreed in society , makes us hunt for money. No , we dont eat money, but hunger is the same. We allways need more and want more. So does this looks like we are infected with some zombie virus that makes us brainless?

That will be one big YES. Society is infected. Virus is called education and it starts corupting us from early age. Education kills our creativity and free will by showing us step by step how to behave and what is “normal” for society. So compared to zombies from movies we are the same. If you are different they will bite you and turn you into one of them and in reality they will take you down , discriminate you and make you wish you are one of them. Eventualy you will be forced to play by their rules and change your ways.

So after they put the virus in our brains and education build our hunger for money they put us out to hunt. By that time we are so blinded that we KNOW what do do and how to get the money becose we are EDUCATED to do that job and to be paid for it. 

So like all good zombies we create other zombies. We create children to carry out our legacy. Without thinking we ignore they creativity and start teaching them how to act and what is “normal” in society. How to eat, speak and act in comunity. So after we implant that zombie virus in their brain we send them to school. That same school that prepared us for hungry money hunt.

So blinded like this we dont see that there is 2% that controls that big pithole we are in. They tos us food and 98% of people are in their power. From time to time we see that pithole and how sistem works. What we do? Nothing ! Nothing as we are forced to go to work next day. Nothing as we dont know any other way. Nothing as sistem force us to follow to survive.

I saw this pit today and i know there is nothing i can do. There is one thing we can do and that is to open our eyes in the same time. 

I know its imposible but deep inside i wish this post get 3 billion shares so all world can see it and open your eyes. Then to get shared more so that in one point 3 billion people see it in same time and klick together. Then maybe we can crush this walls and bring down that 2% of brainwashing tirants.

I invite you to like and share ! I invite you to wake up!

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