This Video Shows There is Still Hope for Humanity ! But is There?

This video and more like it are covering facebook walls this days geting likes and wining harths of millions over the world. 

But what are you missing? How is there hope for humanity and IS there a hope for us?

We are missing all important things! If i ask you “what do you see in this video” your answer will be something like “i see many people hungry for money but the man who was beging on the street has returned the money. Therefore i see hope”. 

Now let me tell you what i see. I see people hungry for money that will claim any penny they find and put it in pockets. I see one man out of thousends who decides to be honest and return the money. I see a man who droped the money acting like he lost it for real and pickong up his money. But what is realy sad is that the person who represent humanity is out on the street beging for mone. He have torn clotes and nothing to eat. I see a man who is free but traped in that city walls with no place to run or hide from zombie nation that are hungry for money.

In reality humanity is beging for a place in this world but it is near his last days. It is sad to say that there is more and more “zombies” puting humanity in his grave. 


If one day i see  a rich guys give their money to poor people maybe then i will see hope but this video sure does not show any hope for humanity.

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