Relax and Work Online

Relax and work online

Relax and work online

I will not tell you its easy and i will not tell you that any person can do it! If you plan to earn your living online be ready to work your ass off and fail fail and more fail.

I am telling you this as i wish someone told me that when i started working online 6 years ago. So if you are not ready to learn and fail and learn again and fail again ,till you reach that 5 minutes of fame, then i advise you to quit before you start and find some other income stream.

Easy start

So if you are still here i bet you are ready for some hard work and sleepless nights and im glad you are as i am ready to guide you to that 5 minutes of fame.

1. Know your self

Dont brag and be honest with your self. Find that one thing you are best at and make a business out of it. It sounds easy but to be honest with your self can be a chalange.

2. Research your niche

Now when you know what you do the best you can start working on your way to magicly turn that knowledge into cash. Research is one thing that most people dont do or dont know how to do so here we go… Start with puting all relavent keywords on paper. Start with 1 word keywords then go to 2 words 3 words and 4 words. Make your list and then its time to go to google keyword planner. Now start puting in your keywords one by one and write down monthly searches. That list is your research and it will follow you in first year of your work.

3. Find easy hosting

Now that is a chalange for first timers. You dont wanna invest big amounts.of money and you wanna see good service , easy wordpress install and free domain.

I will make this easy… pick iPage . They have 99% uptime and WordPress site can speed up to under 2 secunds load time. 1 click installation and free domain with hosting. Oh and yes ,$400 of marketing freebies. So iPage is a way to go.

4. Crap post

Whell i call it crap post as this will make your site look like aged blog with quality content but in reality its a copy paste work. For this you need online content rewrither ( to avoid duplicated content) and google. Start by finding posts related to your blogs niche and rewrite them ,put new title and post on your blog. Do 100+ diferent crap posts like this. I call them crap as they will not have good user experience and will be there to fill up your blog content so it looks aged and developed. After that is done we start a real work.

5. 3 Posts a week

Now when you got all your keywords ready and you installed wordpress on your new iPage hosting and new domain it is time for work. 100+ crap posts makes your site look full of content and you can do some real work. Pick 3 keywords each week and write down all you know about them. Key of making quality post is to imagine you are teaching a dumb person all you know bout that subject. So knock your self out and put all that you know in your post.

6. Share your work

Did you think its done? Whell is not… Now it is time to do some real marketing work. First you need to get conected. Build a Facebook page and get your friends to like it. After your first week you will have 3 quality posts to share on your facebook page so do it. Dont share crap post and remember they are there to make your site look complete. After sharing on your Facebook page its time to find your audiance. So search for 40 active facebook groups related to your blogs niche with 3000+ people in and join in. After you get in its time to share your quality posts to the world. Share from your facebook page into groups. That way you will get likes to your facebook page and views on your blog posts. Be sure not to share more then 1 post in 2 days per group so you will be in spam safe place. Conect your blog to twitter and G+ and share there in free time. Knock your self out with twitter and post there whenever you can.

7. Adds

This will be short one. Adsense…

8. Dont give up

Keep doing steps 5 and 6 for 1 year and you will end up with high quality blog that earns you nice monthly cash with adsense but key thing is to understand that it will not happen over night and you need to reply on your readers coments and interact with them so they love you and share you. Be an idol that is there for reader when he needs him.

That is all from me for this post and i wish you good luck in your work.

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