Why we’re ditching Demo Days

 Demo Days are not the best way to help most entrepreneurs get the funding they need. And in the long run, they are not helpful for investors, or the broader ecosystem — in fact, they aggravate blind spots that investors…..

Why newspaper subscriptions are on the rise

 So much for the death of the newspaper industry. A recent study found that more than 169 million U.S. adults read newspapers every month, in print, online or mobile. That’s almost 70 percent of the population. Why are readers and…..

Microsoft Finally Releases A Beta Version of Skype For Linux

“We want to create a Linux version of Skype that is as feature rich as the existing Skype on desktop and mobile platforms,” read Thursday’s announcement from Microsoft’s Skype team. “Today, we’re pleased to announce that we are ready to…..

Google Open Sources Encrypted Email Extension For Chrome

Last week Google released E2EMail, “a Gmail client that exchanges OpenPGP mail.” Google’s documentation promises that “Any email sent from the app is also automatically signed and encrypted… The target is a simple user experience — install app, approve permissions,…..

Free Software Foundation Challenges Tim Berners-Lee On DRM

Slashdot reader Atticus Rex writes: On Monday, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) director Tim Berners-Lee released a post defending his decision to allow Netflix, Microsoft, Apple and Google to enshrine DRM in Web standards, arguing that blocking it would be…..

FCC Chair Wants Carriers To Block Robocalls From Spoofed Numbers

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The FCC in 2015 made it clear that voice service providers can offer call blocking tools to customers, but commissioners said at the time that more needed to be done about…..

Curated Advertising Is Coming To Highway Billboards

Curated advertising may be coming to a highway near you. “A startup called Synaps Labs has brought it to the physical world by combining high-speed cameras set up a distance ahead of the billboard (about 180 meters) to capture images…..

New Research Suggests Earth's Mantle Might Be Hotter Than Anyone Expected

schwit1 quotes a report from ScienceAlert: New data suggests that the upper parts of Earth’s mantle are around 60C (108F) hotter than previously expected. The mantle is the layer between our planet’s super-hot core and outer crust, and it plays…..

Researchers Create New Form of Matter

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: MIT physicists have created a new form of matter, a supersolid, which combines the properties of solids with those of superfluids. By using lasers to manipulate a superfluid gas known as a…..

Yes, AT&T customers, ditch your grandfathered unlimited data plan – CNET

In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET’s Marguerite Reardon offers advice to an AT&T subscriber considering replacing his long-held unlimited data plan with a new one. Powered by WPeMatico