Hot days are comming!

Sometimes its real hard to keep going

For real sometimes.it is real Hell out there. Many of us who try and fail in search for that one chance to swim in business waters had seen that big river of lava that you need to swim in.  I…..

This Video Shows There is Still Hope for Humanity ! But is There?

This video and more like it are covering facebook walls this days geting likes and wining harths of millions over the world.  But what are you missing? How is there hope for humanity and IS there a hope for us?…..

Zombie nation in suits will make you wonder

No its not a new Horror movie! This is reality and this is human race.  In this illusion of free will we all like to think that we own our posesions and that we are that “big boss” of our…..

Relax and Work Online

I will not tell you its easy and i will not tell you that any person can do it! If you plan to earn your living online be ready to work your ass off and fail fail and more fail……

Having Trouble With Your Kid? You Two Might Speak Different Love Languages

You go to hug your kid and they shrug you off and walk away. You know there must be love somewhere in there—so why do they act so cold? Having trouble figuring out your child? Feel like they’re playing soccer…..

How I Saved 1000 Hours A Year By Just Quitting TV

Who doesn’t like to sit in front of the TV, curl up in a comfy blanket, and eat loads of junk food? (Okay, maybe not the junk food part.) It used to be my favorite pastime, it didn’t matter what…..

“I Need Chocolate Right Now!” Are You Low on Chocolate or Nutrients?

Who hasn’t been there? Desperately wanting a piece of pepperoni pizza? Hankering after a pack of M&M? or Yanking open the fridge just to get a scoop of ice-cream? Have you ever wondered where do all these sudden cravings come…..

Why People Who Succeed At School Don't Always Succeed In Life

When we were small, we were taught that if we wanted to be successful, we had to study hard and get good results at school. Getting straight “A”s had to be our goal if we wanted to succeed in life. But in reality,…..

If Overthinking Is Your Habit, You've Judged Yourself Too Much

We are all victims of overthinking. For some of us it can be a fleeting thought but for many of us it can cause real damage in our perception of ourselves, others and the world around us. Overthinking is an…..