Exploring the Relationship Between Architecture Coupling and Software Vulnerabilities: A Google Chrome Case

Managing software vulnerabilities is a top issue in today’s society. By studying the Google Chrome codebase, the authors explore software metrics including architecture coupling measures in relation to software vulnerabilities. This paper adds new findings to research on software metrics…..

IDEO is Changing the Way Managers Think About Thinking

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Op-Ed: Can the Proposed American Health Care Act Improve on 'Obamacare'?

Politics aside, the primary question to be asked about the newly proposed American Health Care Act is this: Will it improve choice, cost, and outcomes for health care consumers? Powered by WPeMatico

Why American Democracy Thrives On Conflict

Intense political conflict has always been with us and is profoundly American, a lesson David Moss drives home in his new book, “Democracy: A Case Study.” Powered by WPeMatico

First Look at New Research, March 7

Digitizing tradition and decorum at Wimbledon … Elon Musk on the road and in space … The problem with growth: organizational scaling. Powered by WPeMatico

Why Comparing Apples to Apples Online Leads To More Fruitful Sales

The items displayed next to a product in online marketing displays may determine whether customers buy that product, according to a new study by Uma R. Karmarkar. Powered by WPeMatico

Cooperative Strategic Games

Elon Kohlberg and Abraham Neyman examine a solution concept for strategic games. In applications, this concept provides an a-priori assessment of the monetary worth of each player’s position; the assessment reflects the player’s contribution to the total payoff as well…..

Is China About to Overtake the US for World Trade Leadership?

In a notable turn of events, China is talking about adopting more free trade policies while the United States warns of penalizing unfair trade partners. Are the two countries about to switch places for world trade leadership? asks James Heskett……

A Good Thing Happens When Doctors Start Talking to Their Patients

A longer visit with your doctor before a procedure can improve results and save money, according to Robert S. Kaplan. Powered by WPeMatico

Patent Trolls and Small-Business Employment

Patent trolls are organizations that own patents but do not make or use the patented technology directly, instead using their patent portfolios to target firms with patent-infringement claims. This paper by Ian Appel, Joan Farre-Mensa, and Elena Simintzi provides evidence…..